Caracas airport has made great efforts to improve their services and to offer an easier transfer to Isla Magarita-Porlamar. Immigration and customs services are working more efficiently.

They have also built an air-conditioned transfer passage from the international to the national terminal so that you don`t have to leave the transit area.

After passing the customs, you can turn directly to the left, following the national terminal (terminal nacional) signs. Here you will find an exclusive counter of the national airlines where you can check in for your national flight to Isla Margarita – Porlamar. After that you can walk through the passage directly into the waiting area of the national terminal.

Here are some useful hints regarding CCS Airport:

  • in the international terminal, directly after passing customs, turn LEFT and follow the sign National Terminal – Terminal Nacional

  • check in your luggage and get your boarding pass directly by the exclusive check in counter of the national airlines

  • on your return travel, you can use the transit tunnel as well, you will get directly to the international terminal, where you can check in at the counter of the international airlines