Situated in a quiet, favoured location, on the top of a small hill and only 3 walking minutes to the beach we have in a garden of palm trees, 28 rooms in the categories STANDARD and COMFORT as well as a 2 bedroom apartment.

A shady and cool inner court with a labyrinth of stairs, lots of tropical plants, a large swimming pool with deckchairs and our fantastic rooftop restaurant are to be found in Hotel ATTI.

Attentive staff, the cleanliness and the efficient service in our renowned restaurant all contribute to give you a sense of well being in our house.
It must be this well-being-factor, that makes our guests come back again and again; in fact they become „ATTI-ists“, as one of our guests once said.

One word on the ecological side concerning our hotel: we heat our water with solar energy and we treat our wastewater in a proper water-treatment plant, regularly supervised by the local environmental authorities. We can then use this water for watering our extensive garden.